YOGI SQUAT for Plantar Fasciitis

Modern society has become more accustomed to sitting in chairs and soft couches and less to squatting. In India and other parts of the far East, people are accustomed to squatting on a daily basis. These people are much more flexible and agile than their western counterparts. In addition to strengthening the lower half of our bodies, Malasana brings us closer to the ground (aka grounding) and induces a sense of calmness, relaxation and gratitude.

Benefits of Yogi Squat

  1. Hip and groin opening-combats our sedentary lifestyles to allow for better mobility and ambulation

  2. Stretches and strengthens the feet, ankles and calves-allows for better ankle mobility and arch support

  3. Improves posture- requires maintaining a straight back which will help you better maintain and upright posture

  4. Elimination of waste from the body-tones abdominal organs and relaxes the muscles that aid in waste removal

  5. Boosts metabolism-stimulates endocrine health

To work the ankles and feet more in this pose, shift from side to side or add a twist or a bind!

Practice this daily to improve health and vitality!

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