Setting the shoulders/scapula

“Setting shoulders in the socket”

👉Slumped postures cause the shoulders to round forward and pull out of the socket. This can set the stage for wear and tear injuries by causing a shortening of the pectorals. Ligaments and tendons are either over stretched and pulled on or shortened over an extended period of time which leads to deformity and dysfunction.

👉From a side view, the shoulders should line up with the ear, the hip and the ankle.


1️⃣Child armpit lift

2️⃣Scapular depression/elevation

3️⃣Table top static anchor shoulder in socket

4️⃣Single arm raise

5️⃣Double arm raise

6️⃣Setting the scapula on the back- Place your index finger on the opposite scapula at an inferior angle. Pull the shoulder blade in toward the spine so that it moves past the finger

7️⃣Shoulder shrugs

✅Perform these exercises multiple times daily to create stability and restore health to the shoulder.

These exercises set the foundation for safe upper body movement and core engagement. You should perform these exercises and “set the shoulders and scapula” before engaging in any exercise routine.

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