✅Therapy to open the shoulders✅

If you have rounded shoulders (slumped posture) your pecs and internal shoulder rotators are likely short and tight.

Employing some of the shoulder opening stretches and posterior shoulder strengthening exercises posted this month can help you re-engage these muscles that keep your shoulders pulled back and your chest lifted.

👍Exercise and therapy can help you heal from an injury and keep your shoulders healthy.

👍Sometimes exercise can be painful. Therapy 🙌 can help provide relief by decreasing pain, improving mobility and increasing range of motion so that your exercises can be more beneficial. 💪

💪When the shoulders are more open, exercise becomes safer and more effective. It is then, you can retrain your movement patterns so that your brain learns the correct way to move.

✅Let us assist you in opening your shoulders, and get you back to your active lifestyle.

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