The Center of Gravity

Your hips (pelvis) are your center of gravity and so the healthier and more mobile your hips are, the greater your potential for strength, power and athleticism.

👉Try these mobility and flexibility exercises

🔷Adductor Rock-start in a quadruped position then extend one leg out to the side. Make sure the foot on your extended leg is pointing forward and you ground through the outer edge of the foot. Rock back towards your heel, and then back up to where your shoulders are positioned above your hands. Repeat 10-20x each side.

🔷Rocking Frog-prop up onto your elbows and walk both knees away from midline. Both knees should be bent to 90˚and the feet dorsiflexed. Rock forward and back or pulse 10-20x.

🔷Lizard Lunge-Get into a runners lunge position keeping your back long and your chest lifted. Get down onto your elbows for a deeper stretch. Lower the back knee for more support. Hold the stretch for 30-60 sec. Make it more of a mobility drill by rocking forward and back or transitioning from hands to elbows.

🔷Figure 4 Twist- Go into a spinal twist from a figure 4 position. Push the top knee away from you and reach your hip away from your ribs for a deeper stretch. Hold for 30-60sec and repeat on the other side.

🔷Eagle Twist-For a deeper twist wrap your legs around each other before going into a twist. Hold for 30-60sec per side

✅These exercises can be performed daily to 3 times a week for optimal hip mobility and flexibility

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