⚡️Tennis Elbow

⚠️A painful tendinopathy that affects extensor muscles and tendons that connect on the outer elbow.

👉AKA lateral epicondylitis, usually results from repetitive, vigorous use and movements of the arm, wrist or hand and affects the soft tissues of the forearm that moves the wrist, hand and fingers. This creates a constant tugging at the point of attachment on the outside of the elbow. This causes strain of the tendons and they become inflamed. Over time the tiny tears in the tendons become weak and scar tissue develops and calcium deposits get laid down which can irritate the tissue further.


🔹Lasts 6 months to 2 years, 90% recovering within a year

🔹Annual incidence 1-3%

🔹Most often occurs in the 4th decade of life

🔹M and W equally affected,

👉Considered overuse injury of the extensor tendons and muscles of the forearm

👉Stems from repetitive overloading of the muscles of the forearm, upper arm and shoulder, torso and chest.

👉Muscles include the supinator, brachioradialis , triceps, supraspinatus, wrist and finger extensors.

🔹Common causes include playing tennis, throwing sports, excessive weight training, Jiu Jitsu, Rock climbing

🔹Common occupations seem in: painters, waitress/waiter, musicians, plumbers, carpenters

RX rest injured arm and stop activity that caused the problem

💪DO These Exercises

🔹Extensor stretch

🔹Banded supination

🔹Supination with ER

🔹ECC wrist curl (Wrist extension)

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