👎We subject our feet and toes to abuse all day long from bearing the weight of our body, shoving them into shoes (sometimes high heels👠), and the constant pounding of the pavement and other irregular surfaces.

👞Wearing shoes confines the foot and toes and causes stiffness and immobility. This leaves them vulnerable to injury and degeneration, and can affect other areas of the body as well.

🔷The joint between the big toe and the ball of the toe is called the 1st MTP joint and it bears 40-60% of our body weight during the stance phase of gait and 80% on the toe off phase.

🔷The take off phase is also known as “toe-off” and requires that the great toe can dorsiflex at least 25-40˚. Normal dorsiflexion at this joint is 45-65˚, but as we age we lose the normal range.

👎This greatly affects the ability to walk, and people often compensate for this loss of motion in other joints. Often “turf toe” is created as the person twists about the 1st MTP joint. This will cause pain, stiffness and degeneration at the joint and can cause gross deformities.

✳️This is why the feet need daily TLC so that we still have the ability to walk and move efficiently and pain free.

👉Try these exercises to keep your toes mobile

🔷Big toe mobilization

🔷Fingers between toes mobilization

🔷Hero pose

🔷Standing big toe stretch

🔷Standing toe stretch

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