Shoulder Health Month

The key to a healthy shoulder is good posture and alignment.

Good posture and alignment requires:

1️⃣lifting the chest

2️⃣leveling the collarbones

3️⃣moving the head of the arm bone back into the shoulder socket

4️⃣externally rotating the arm to create an outer spiral

5️⃣setting the shoulder blades onto the back (aka scapular stabilization)

This will allow the four joints of the shoulders to become more aligned, thus allowing the shoulders to “open”.

Shoulders function better when they are “open”

The muscles around the shoulder have the job of keeping the bones in the proper place which ensures greater stability of the joint. Keeping the shoulders aligned and stable will allow for the greatest mobility and resilience and to maintain freedom from tension by balancing the tone of muscles on all sides of the joint.

⚠️Poor Shoulder health can lead to muscular dysfunctions and joint damage which will present itself in the body as bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, torn labrum, torn rotator cuff, just to name a few.

Slumped Posture

🔷Slumped posture is more common in today’s society with increasing technology and can damage the shoulder, can interfere with heart ❤️ and lung function, decrease range of motion of the neck and shoulders, and sets the stage for injury. Rounded shoulders shorten the pectorals and internal rotators which attach to the anterior humerus. This is a common area where people are tender and experience pain.

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