Replace Toxic Habits

Updated: Jun 16

We all have bad habits, and luckily we CAN unlearn these negative behaviors. By replacing positive habits and tendencies we can grow into a happier healthier version of ourselves.

The first step is recognizing the toxic behavior. Most of us do not realize that our behaviors and patterns are stealing our energy and life force. By recognizing these toxic choices, we can shine a light on them and then work to make better choices.

Better choices will create success, abundance, peace, and joy.

There are many ways we can introduce new habits and it depends on the habit we are trying to break.

For instance, most of us are very hard on ourselves and the negative tapes we play over in our head that we are not good enough can be extremely damaging to living in our dharma (life’s purpose).

Taking time to meditate with some breathwork is a good way to reframe our thoughts and words. Repeating positive affirmations, “I am enough”, “I am a light”, “I am strong”, “I am solid” can also help us break this bad habit.

Visualize light and love entering your body and embrace that feeling, carry it with you through all of your days.


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