Neck Pain Awareness


The most common cause of neck pain is from muscle strain, which is typically caused by postural stresses, such as long hours at the computer or sleeping with your neck in an awkward position. That means rounded shoulders and head forward posture are the big culprits!

🔷Prevalence of Neck Pain

Pub Med published the epidemiology of neck pain and estimated the “one year incidence of neck pain to be between 10.4% and 21.3% with a higher incidence noted in office and computer workers.” Other studies indicate this number to be between 33 and 65%. The prevalence is higher in women and higher-income countries in urban areas.

⚠️Other causes of neck pain include worn out joints (osteoarthritis), nerve compression from herniated discs or bone spurs, whiplash injuries, and deep flexor weakness.

🤕Age-related wear and tear is a result of poor posture and injuries accumulated over time.

👍Some lifestyle changes may aid in the prevention of neck pain and osteoarthritis include:

🔹use good posture while standing, sitting and laying. Your ear should always align with your shoulders and hips

🔹take frequent breaks from chronic positions by getting up and stretching and moving your neck and shoulders

🔹adjust your computer and workstation so that your monitor is at eye level and your armrests are positioned low enough so your shoulders are not elevated

🔹do not tilt your head to hold your phone to your ear with your shoulder, use your headphones

🔹balance weight of items you are carrying and do not carry heavy bags with shoulder straps

🔹stop smoking! Smoking causes tight muscles from lack of oxygen and promotes disc degeneration

🤗It is important to address muscle imbalances and malalignments to alleviate pain and stiffness, and to avoid compensatory problems.

👉This month we will be covering what you can do to reduce stress and strain on your neck.

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