Modern society tells us to hurry up and get things done. We hurry through our breakfast. Hurry to get the kids dropped off at school. Hurry to our meetings. Hurry to get home so we can hurry and get ready for the next day.

Your brain is a record of the past. Every experience has a neurological reaction in the brain.

We have to break old connections and form new ones.

How do we peel back the layers of habituated responses so that we can create room for new behaviors?

The answer is creating a consciousness of why we are responding the way we do.

Meditation can slow down brain waves with practice, then we can enter the operational system where true change can occur. We can then reframe our thoughts, shift our perspectives, and wire new neural pathways.

Join us on Monday night’s for our live meditation where we practice slowing our brain waves, living in the present moment, and gratitude.❤️

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