June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

There are hundreds of different types of headaches , but the most common primary headache is tension type headache(TTH). One in 4 adults suffer from TTH. Usually these type headaches are caused by tightness of muscles in the neck and scalp caused from poor posture and stress. Today more than ever we are hunched over our desks and devices for long hours not attending to our thirst or hunger.

Cervicogenic headaches are a secondary headache and are in a class of their own. These type headaches are caused by problems with the muscles, bones and nerves in your neck. Certain conditions of the neck, like osteoarthritis, whiplash, prolapsed disc, pinched nerve, a fall, or injury from sports can cause injury to the neck and trigger headaches. Falling asleep in an awkward position can also cause CGH. If certains positions of the head and neck and pushing on certain spots in the neck reproduce the headache, then it is CGH.

Headaches can be caused by many other factors like environmental triggers, which include smoke , pollution, noise, light ☀, perfumes, household and cleaning chemicals, and changes in weather. Food and drink can also cause headaches, as well as dehydration, too much caffeine or withdrawal, skipping meals and alcohol consumption. Other triggers can be lack of sleep or change in sleep patterns, stress, anxiety, medication-overuse, and neck and back strain due to poor posture. https://patient.info/brain-nerves/headache-leaflet/tension-headache

In rare situations, headaches may indicate a serious underlying cause, and should be checked by your physician.

Headache statistics: *Tension type headache are in 90% of adults, migraine 12% more in females, Cluster 1% over 45 more in males, sinus 15%

This month our focus will be on managing and eliminating tension-type and cervicogenic headaches, through simple lifestyle changes, home remedies and chiropractic care.

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