⚡️Golfer’s Elbow

👉AKA medial epicondylitis (ME), OVERUSE injury that affects wrist flexor tendons.

Overloading of the muscles of the forearm, upper arm, shoulder, chest and torso.

⚡️Eccentric loading of wrist flexors and pronators causes recurrent microtears which results in remodeling of the collagen fibers increased mucoid ground substance and calcification, scar tissue formation tendon thickening

👊Hurts to make a fist or grip, numbness and tingling on the pinky and ring finger, tenderness on the inner elbow

👉ME: less common, 10-20% of all epicondylitis. .4% of population age 45-64 greater in women, The full recovery may take 3-6 months

⚠️Risk factors ME

Training errors, improper technique, equipment or lack of strength, endurance or flexibility Occupation related risk heavy labor, excessive repetition, high BMI, smoking and other comorbidities, eccentric loading

🔷Other common causes include playing baseball, bowlers, using a screwdriver , hobbies, sports and jobs that require overuse of wrist or arm, use of a computer mouse

✅Slow progressive loading of the tendons to rehab and remodel


🔷ECC wrist flexion

🔷Pronation supination with Weight

🔷Banded forearm pronation

🔷Wrist rockbacks

🔷Wrist rockbacks with gradual loading and side shifts

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