Floor pec stretch


🔷Tight pecs can cause rounded shoulders and a hunched back. Further, it can throw the head forward which can create strain on the neck. This produces muscular imbalance that inhibits the strength of the traps and rhomboids.

🔷Try these floor pec stretch variations to unlock your tight shoulders and chest.

1️⃣ Lay on your stomach with one arm out in T position. Push the other hand into the floor under your shoulder and roll onto your side trying to stack your shoulders. The extended arm should be at shoulder level or above, not below shoulder level. Stretch your fingers away from your shoulder and lift the palm up away from the floor. Hold for 6-8 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

2️⃣ Try this stretch with the elbow bent at 90˚. Reach the tip of the elbow away from the shoulder and lift the palm up away from the floor.

3️⃣ Try it with the arm stretched out above you at 45˚ with the arm internally rotated (with palm down, rotate the thumb towards the floor so the palm faces away from you).

🔷TRY THIS TECHNIQUE: In addition to holding the stretch you can also push the arm firmly into the floor for 3 seconds, relax on an exhale. Then on the inhale pick the ribs up from the floor and move the chest forward. Repeat 3 times.

✅Save this post for daily use. This exercise will improve spinal flexibility and posture.

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