👎Elbow hyperextension can lead to repetitive stress and strain that accumulates over time.

🔹Yoga poses commonly performed with hyperextended elbows are Yoga mudra-military, cat/dog, up dog and down dog(see in an earlier post) and bow pose.

👉In bow pose, often the legs are stronger than the arms so they get pulled into hyperextension due to weakness of the triceps and tightness and shortening of the biceps. This creates stress and strain on the soft tissues as well as the joint. FIX: the creases of the elbows should not point outward, but should be rotated so they face downward towards the legs. Likewise, the tips should not face inward, rather upward.

👌In yoga mudra(military), the tips of the elbow should face backwards, not inward and the creases should face forward, not outward.

👍There is just a minor rotation of the elbow and arm that could help or hurt the structures.

✅Next time you do these poses in yoga make sure you keep a slight bend in your elbow and position them in a way they are stress and strain free!

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