Develop the Arches for Foot Control

Toe Presses



🦶Flat feet can eventually lead to plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spur, knee pain, hip pain, low back pain

👉When I do an assessment of a patient’s biomechanics and structure, I always look at the feet first. The feet are the foundation in which one stands, walks, runs and opposes gravity.

👉A great majority of people have underdeveloped arches (flat feet). This biomechanical fault can happen over time from performing daily life activities in a modern world. For instance, if someone stands on a hard surface like a concrete or steel floor that has no give like natural surfaces, the calf muscle becomes overworked and consequently weakens, causing excessive pronation.

👎This creates a domino effect in the body, starting with internal rotation of the knee creating a valgus stress (knock knee). Then the body will attempt to control the improper position of the thigh bone to stabilize the knee and the pelvis. This can cause the hip flexors to become overactive and a sway back position will occur causing compression of the lumbar spine, resulting in lower back pain.

Do these exercises often to prevent this from occurring

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