🙌Adhesion Release Therapy for the Elbow

⚠️Overuse injuries of the elbow causes recurrent microtears which causes remodeling of the collagen fibers. This causes increased mucoid ground substance and calcification which leads to increased scar tissue formation and tendon thickening.

🙌Adhesion release techniques can help!

🔷A study was performed using computer professionals with TE. There was a MFR group and a control group. The MFR was performed by a licensed professional with 12 sessions over a 4 week period. The Patient Related Tennis Elbow Evaluation (PRTEE) scale was used for assessment. After 4 weeks the MFR group reported a 78.7% reduction in pain and functional disability where the control group only reported a 6.8% reduction.

🔷Another study (Gandhi, et al in J of Scientific and Technology Research, 2018) showed that MFR for the elbow was an effective treatment to relieve pain and improve strength in athletes with tennis elbow. However, results were better when coupled with exercises.

🙌If you are suffering from tennis elbow and need relief, I would love to help!

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