Gut Health Consult

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Each of us is unique.  We all have unique life experiences.  No two people are the same.  


Your symptoms, your physiology, your mindset, your sleep patterns, your diet are all unique to you.  You do not fit into a mold.  You are not a statistic.  There is no one size fits all formula.  Your goals and outcomes are unique to you.  Therefore, you will have a unique plan, developed specifically for you.


It is important to note that there are likely many root causes of your symptoms and there is no single solution to help you get well.  There is no magic pill, no magic exercise to restore your health.  We need to help identify all possible contributors and create a lifestyle plan customized to your particular needs.


Completion of all of the paperwork is the best way for us to have a deep understanding of what brought you to this point and what you may be doing to reinforce the problem.  By gaining insight into your lifestyle practices, we can customize a successful approach that looks at all aspects of your health and history.


Success depends on your willingness to make significant changes in your diet and lifestyle to get better. 


After viewing your:

3 day food diary, which includes a sleep schedule, bowel movement analysis, fluid intake and times of meals

Toxicity Questionnaire

System survey form

Sleep assessment

BIA test results


…We will set up a one hour consult to discuss a plan tailored to your current situation and life demands.  


We want to get you to the health level you desire, back to the activities that you enjoy.  


Bettering yourself will better your life and your world.  We commit to being with you through this journey.  


Request an intake packet below and take that next step towards the restoration of your health and wellness!

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