Dr. Ashleigh Muse

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Dr. Ashleigh Muse D.C.


Hi, I am Ashleigh Muse. I am the founder of Chiropractic Wellness Clinic and OKC Wellness Clinics, and am one of the treating physicians at the clinic. My undergraduate studies in psychology were at The University of Oklahoma. I received my Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas in 1997. I received my certification in Functional Nutrition Counseling in 2023.

Shortly after graduating college and beginning my career, I began to practice yoga. I noticed a change in my stress levels, flexibility, and posture. I decided I wanted to take a yoga certification program so I could learn the art of breathwork and asana (posture). The coursework also involved mindful eating and meditation. I feel this experience caused a self-transformation that not only made me physically, mentally and emotionally stronger but also gave me insight to how I wanted to run my practice. I wanted to help people heal their bodies to the best of their ability by committing to lifestyle choices that would support a healthy body and mind. In my own quest for health and wellness, and with limited resources to achieve this at the time, I decided to open a yoga studio and organic food store, OKC Organics. I wanted my patients to have greater accessibility so they could live better quality lives. We began a fruit and vegetable co-op, selling a “share bag” with recipes on how to cook the ingredients. You could say we were the “Hello Fresh” of our times. A lot has changed since then and we have more accessibility, but many people suffer from chronic pain and illness and are not living good quality lives. It is my goal and my purpose to help those suffering from chronic ailments how they can begin to live a more fulfilling life.

I was drawn to chiropractic through my plight with pain and sickness as a child. I always remember having lower back pain and headaches. At age 18 I had a major wreck and learned from X-ray that I had a condition called spondylolytic spondylolistesis. I had a fracture of my L5 vertebrae, not caused by the wreck, but by my poor posture. I was “sway back” and had very little core strength. I could barely do 5 sit-ups in physical conditioning class. I just figured I was born this way and that’s the card I had been dealt. There were multiple times my back “went out” where I was dragging my leg and could barely walk. I thought I was going to have to have surgery. The pain was excruciating! It was real! Through my chiropractic, yoga, and bodywork training, I learned that I did have the ability to change my condition. I also found out the headaches were caused by hypoglycemia because I would skip meals to diet. Little did I know that starving myself and then eating the wrong things was causing my illness. Today, I can say my I enjoy an active lifestyle and live most days #painfree. Stretching and exercise are a part of my daily routine, as are relaxation techniques. I get plenty of water, eat clean and get a good night’s rest. I do my best to surround myself with positivity and get regular bodywork to help eliminate stress.

In 2022 I began my training in functional nutrition and created a wellness lab, which included PEMF therapy, Photobiomodulation (Red Light) and CVAC technology. These modalities help reduce inflammation and improve mitochondrial health which dramatically improves the health and wellness of our patients. We have seen dramatic results in reducing pain, especially in the diabetic population and with those with traumatic brain injuries and other neurodegenerative diseases.

I am committed to sharing my paths to a healthy body. I am passionate about educating people to live better quality lives through changing their posture and body mechanics and helping them understand the root cause of their pain. I also employ nutrition and cleansing, as well as meditation and breathwork to elevate health and wellness.

I look forward to working with you to restore health and wellness in your and your family’s lives.